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Unit of Measurement of Material


Improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of JPS projects by providing robust and comprehensive Material Measurement services in tender management and contract services.


Organize an effective Material Survey service to ensure JPS projects are implemented fairly and efficiently and fulfill the characteristics of public accountability.

  * Determining the government projects handled by JPS is commensurate with the value obtained.


Provide high-quality, perfect and solid Material Measurement expertise services in terms of contractual and in accordance with the rules/procedures and Treasury and Departmental    Instructions, in accordance with the prescribed implementation.

Our service:

  *  The Pre-Contract stage is from the review of the tender documents until the issuance of the Tender Acceptance Letter.
  *  Post Contract Stage starts from Site Ownership to Final Account settlement.

Formulate effective rules/procedures and guidelines on tenders and contracts that meet the characteristics of public accountability and are in line with current Government policies.

Provide a thorough service related to the price rate so that the cost of the project is reasonable and corresponds to the value obtained.

Terengganu State Irrigation and Drainage Department, Level 6, Wisma Negeri, 20626 Kuala Terengganu

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