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Beach Division

1. Solving erosion problems through coastal protection works.
2. Restoring river estuaries for the purpose of providing better fishing navigation routes.
3. Prepare an Integrated Coastline Management Plan for the entire country by 2020 to ensure sustainable development.

1. Implement a coastal erosion plan for the protection of all coastal areas in the critical erosion category.
2. Carry out repair work on river canals categorized under critical conditions to facilitate navigation.
3. Provide technical services towards the implementation of coastal zone management.


1. Prepare a structural design for coastal erosion protection within 6 months after all necessary data is obtained.
2. Provide comments for EIA reports and development in coastal zone areas within 4 weeks set by the client.
3. Respond to all coastal erosion complaints within 48 hours.

The problem of coastal erosion threatens life, property and economic activity. Therefore, coastal erosion control programs are necessary to reduce these threats in the areas involved.


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